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Abyss Odyssey feature image

Abyss Odyssey Review

I've been intrigued by Abyss Odyssey since Atlus first sent me a trailer for the game earlier in the year. After all, it was by the same guys as the excellent Zeo Clash and Rock of Ages, ACE Team....

Beat 'em up

Pressured Review

Pressured is a mathematical puzzler with a simple premise, simply add the numbers from a grid together to hit the target number but why was I so horribly addicted to it last night? ! Because it uses...

PC Review

‘The Escapists’, Early Access Preview

It was approaching midnight on Christmas Eve when Inmate311 also known as 'Squeegee' found himself selling stolen teeth to old lady Yummerdoodle, an avid tooth collector. The job seemed easy, much...

PC Review

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