Angry Birds Should Take A Leaf Out Of Plants Vs Zombies’ Book

Angry Birds Should Take A Leaf Out Of Plants Vs Zombies’ Book

Who else is tired of Angry Birds? Of seeing the same formula being repeated over and over again. Just take a look at Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, now there’s a game that isn’t scared of trying new things.

Rovio’s Angry Birds were the king of mobile games for a long time. Possibly hailed as the first success story of the relatively new platform, the game oozed with charm and was deliciously addictive but other the years rather than trying to innovate once more, we received simple rehashes of the same formula dressed up with different  backgrounds. Plants Vs Zombies on the other hand though made a traditionally hardcore gaming genre, the tower defence, into something that immensely fun and accessible by all. We did not get as many retelling of the same story as we did with Angry Birds as there is only one sequel. The developer sought the extend the game and incorporate more content instead. There’s nothing new here but when a surprised announcement told us we’ll be seeing our favourite Plants defending against our favourite Zombies but this time in a First Person Shooter, it made me sit up. PvZ developer Popcap were venturing into mainstream gaming, wanting to sit amongst the elite of games that have graced our system for years – the coveted FPS genre.

Did it work? Yes it has, just check out Chris’ review HERE. Plants Vs  Zombies: Garden Warfare was able to retain that ridiculous sense of humour and the charm that drew our attention a few years ago as well as the sheer addictive nature that kept us hooked. But this is no rehash, in space they are not, nor role playing as Star Wars characters or brimming around in a karting game that’s more interested in grabbing your cash with  microtransactions than fresh or clever gameplay. Garden Warfare contains enough twists and little clever ideas to make the game feel wholly fresh and different thus standing out from the crowd of shooters. It also makes a wonderful gateway for the younger generation to break into the hardcore scene of shooters. Garden Warfare also looks great, plays very well and offers solid controls showing us that Popcap are indeed taking this very seriously. But at the same you can see how much fun they would’ve had making the game and it feeds into it, you can feel the excitement!

From this little rant you might think I am not a fan of Angry Birds but far from it. I too was also utterly addictive when it first hit our smartphone screens. It’s just like most, I grew tired of seeing roughly the same being released over and over again so take a leaf out of PopCap’s book and try something new and different, take the original idea and run with it.

Don’t forget to check out Chris’ review HERE.


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