Grim Dawn – Early Access Alpha | Preview

Grim Dawn – Early Access Alpha | Preview

Well its finally here… in alpha! But still this game looks exciting and that’s why I’m here to tell you all about it. Grim Dawn was brought to you by Crate Entertainment, this being their very first project I am excited to see what they have made of it.

Overall the game’s not too shabby, with it only being in early alpha this is expected but I can see great potential  in the future of this game. This medieval dungeon crawler is full of the living dead aka Zombies and other bizarre looking creatures crafted from a mystical source. The landscapes, towns, caves and dungeons are scattered with the deceased, blood and gore. I am also impressed with the sounds heard throughout the game from the ‘Errrrrrh’ of a zombie to the splash of water sounds almost real!

This being a hack and slash style of play the controls are fairly simple, the mouse to control and click to attack. From your keyboard there are a wide selection of shortcuts in which to quickly access certain things. For example: ‘C’ like in most role playing games brings up the character screen, on this screen you can customize your adventurer. Your full inventory is also shown in this screen in which you can swap armour and weapons quickly if need be.



Another nifty shortcut I found while browsing through the actions bars was that you can assign a secondary weapon for example a crossbow. When you press ‘W’ it will then switch to this secondary weapon in case you need something a little different to kill a certain beast. Finally your left and right click from your mouse can be assigned to your skills to assist you when attacking.

When you enter the game you find yourself in a small town called Devils Crossing, here you get notified to see the captain. The captain explains to you why you are here and what his orders are for you to complete. Like every other dungeon crawler RPG you start off with the very basic’s in both attire and skills. Once your character reaches level one you then get to choose your path, what attributes and skills you acquire determine your style of play. There is the Soldier, this role is all about the up close and personal high damage and high health. Tanking dangerous monsters while bashing and knocking out the park with your skills. Then classthere’s Demolitionist, if you chose to go down this path you’d be the ranged dps of the group. This was possibly my favorite to play as you fire your gun or crossbow you can stun and slow the enemies using your skills from your talent tree.  Next on the list is the Occultis, the Occultis is a mage/warlock style of play, you can summon a trusty raven which assists you in combat as well as poisons and traps to slow and weaken your foes. Finally you have Night Blade, this was a very fun role to play as its an assassin. With your chosen set of talents you can weaken enemies, decapitate and DUAL WIELD! Get yourself two melee weapons and go to town on them zombies! very effective way of fighting a horde of zombies. 

One of your first tasks is to find out one of the courses of the reanimation of the dead, as you make your way to your designated location you come across numerous abandoned homes full of loot, notes from previous occupants as well, like any other dungeon crawler game its all about the loot! the items are acquired from killing monsters, the harder the monster the rarer the item. The loot consists of Armour, weapons, gems, materials and potions. Each item has its own unique attributes, armour, weapons have their health/armour/damage/bonus scales then you have materials to upgrade your stats and gems to give them an added bonus.

Overall I feel this game has some great factors, the excitement I felt from playing this game a short time was gradual. Took me a long time to get into the game and understand what the aim was. I must add though I hope the game gets more exciting further on through the story because I was losing interest quite quickly. Like I mentioned before though the game is still in alpha, so a lot of work is still needed to be done. The graphics were not top end like you would expect of rival games such as Diablo because of course Diablo have a huge development team behind them while this is a small company. But there is work that needs to be done and I may myself forward some of my experience playing of thair game back to Crate Entertainment. I am going to give this game a chance and keep playing as I like to give credit to the time and effort which was put into the making of this game.


Final thoughts.

To sum up this game I can see it being up a lot of players streets, I too enjoy dungeon crawler games as I have clocked many hours on Diablo III. I am looking forward to see what this game is like once it is complete and released as a registered game. It is currently on Steam for £20.99 which for any early access alpha is very pricey. I personally think at this point in the development of the game it should not be this higher  price. I am not knocking this game in the slightest IT IS a brilliant game just needs work. If you like everything you have read, you can pick this game up on Steam today and join in the alpha.

Chris Hinchcliffe
  • DeMasked

    The early access price is set at $20 (on sale – usually $30 on steam or $25 on the main website) and will include the actual game when it is released plus the early access.

    Considering other ARPG games can cost between $15 to $60 or so when they were first released I think $20 is quite a good price. And if anything you’d want to research the game to be sure if you want to pay that price or wait until more of the game is revealed.

    Early Access prices will most likely not change on release so the game will be $25 on release in any case (if bought via website).

    • Chris Hinchcliffe

      Good point like I said the game is brilliant and yes most early alpha games are around £20 or $30 not sure on the currency rate. The game just feels a little sketchy that’s why I made that comment. When the full game is released we are looking at around £25-£30 I would say nothing higher. Thanks again for taking your time to read my work and thanks for the feedback much appreciated! :)