How times have changed…

How times have changed…

I remember the days of Streets of rage and super mario, those were the days! I still don’t believe how much games have changed today, So much time, skill, money, pride, knowledge and love has been excelled over these many fun filled years. The idea of a few pixels to create a simple platform game most of us spent our childhoods hooked to those gigantic back TV’s  using scart leads along with all the other countless wires that came with the console. I would just like you to take a moment and remember these fantastic old school consoles we all know to love.


 As you may have noticed these are not all the retro consoles in existence but these are the ones I owned or played. How I would love to own an original Nintendo right now and complete Super Mario! If anyone has one leave a comment below and I may take it off your hands. Just look at the size of these machines! Chunky and very basic but looks never matter, What does matter is blowing down them game cartridges to make the flippin games work! If the cartridge had a single spec of dust on the little pins forget playing your favorite game you had to make sure that bad boy was pristine before you sit down and help sonic defeat the evil Dr Robotnik and save all the little creatures of the world.

Times are changing and fast, each company started rapidly improving their consoles to compete with each other to become the most successful and gain the biggest fan base. I have found if you are a fan of Nintendo from the beginning you grow up with them and buy their products because you know they are of great quality. Nintendo set up their company back in 1989 and they are still going strong today with their most known product the Wii. This console was a tremendous hit because it was fun for the whole family, plus it gets you up and moving instead of as my parents used to say “why you sat on your ‘butt’ eight hours a day” and my answer to that was “I love gaming!”.

Even now at the age of 23 I spend many hours a day playing computer games, but like I said times have changed. Instead of having a Nintendo with a BULKY controller and millions of wires I own a Xbox 360 with wireless controls and two measly wires hooked up to my HDTV playing games so graphically enhanced they are mind-blowing! With my Xbox and my Gaming PC I have an awesome set-up as this is the future of gaming. I know now there is Xbox one’s, Playstation 4’s and Nintendo 3DS and many more fancy new additions to the world of gaming but I can safely say I love my gaming PC because that alone can play any game the other consoles can and more. PC’s can so easily be upgraded too! unlike a console that once you have purchased you are stuck with that £300/£400/£500 or whatever machine until they bring out the next gen in which it will cost you another bucket load of money. For a few hundred pounds,dollars or euros you can pick up upgrades for your computer which will last you for many years until you get to the point where your favorite game can’t be played in high settings in which you can slap in a new graphics card.

So I would like to share with you the future of gaming!

Wow I wish I owned this! :'(

Wow, I wish I owned this! A piece of computer genius.

Chris Hinchcliffe