Twitch Plays Pokemon |League Champions!

Twitch Plays Pokemon |League Champions!

After 16 days, the thousands of people contributing to the Twitch Plays Pokémon channel have done the impossible.  They’ve done what twitch CEO Emmett Shear said was extremely unlikely to happen.  They’ve beaten the Elite Four!  First the players had to navigate through a cave named Victory Road.  This was thought to be a huge challenge in itself, but the Pokemon community prevailed.  It was tense right up until the final battle, where the main character, Red, faced off against his rival, Blue, only to eventually prevail, winning them the title of Pokémon League Champion!

Outside the entrance to the Pokemon League

Outside the entrance to the Pokemon League

The channel has seen thousands of people around the world work together to complete Pokémon Red, a game made by Game Freak and released in 1999.  The creator of the channel had programmed a way to  enable viewers to directly control the gameplay through Twitch’s chat box, typically used to interact with a stream’s host or other people that are watching.

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It has been running for over 16 days with the anonymous creator making a few modifications every now and again, including the Anarchy and Democracy system.  The channel has set the internet on fire!  There’s a detailed look back at the past few weeks, including the religions and other interesting stories the viewers have created based on events that have happened in game; from Bird Jesus to the mighty Helix Fossil, nothing has ever created this much buzz in such a short space of time.  There’s no doubt that the Twitch service is benefiting from this, although it did have some problems with the Pokémon channel causing issues for the site’s chat service.  As a result the channel had to be moved to its own dedicated server, which is normally reserved for big gaming events.

They've done it!

They’ve done it!

It’s managed to build up a strong fan base over a very short period of time.  Internet meme’s are numerous, you can buy posters, mugs, T-Shirts and a range of other merchandise related to the channel.  It’s become a phenomenon.  Something, as I said in my previous article, is revolutionary.  Has this now paved a way for a new medium of game playing?  Will we be seeing more of this in the future?  Only time will tell.

Fan Art by Anne - a member on DeviantArt

Fan Art by Anne – a member on DeviantArt

So what’s next for the Twitch Plays Pokémon channel?  I’m sure all who have been on this fantastic journey will feel a little saddened now that it’s finished, but could Pokémon Silver or Gold be up next, or maybe another game in the Pokémon series?  I for one would love to see it happen.  The hype, the story and the laughs this has created has kept me hooked for weeks.  What’s been achieved here, in this small amount of time, is absolutely mind blowing.

What did you think of the Channel?  What do you think should happen next?

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One things for sure, though; the world just gained over 100,000 Pokémon League Champions.

If you’re one of them, congratulations!  Well done.

Now, onward to Johto?

Luke Wrightson