Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review (PC)

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review (PC)

Can the shroud over Diablo 3’s Auction House problem be cleansed? Could Blizzard actually put life back into Diablo 3? Well if you’re one for immense character design, addictive gameplay with lots of loot then keep on reading!

So Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is here and we have had plenty of time to play it in every aspect available. First off, by purchasing the expansion pack you get access to Act V that takes place a few months after the original story. With Act V comes a new enemy. This enemy is like no other. His name is Malthael a.k.a Death. The story, locations and enemies types are all pleasing and almost everyone who gets the chance to play it will have a great time. As far as play-time is concerned I have heard a lot of different numbers. You might have heard 2-4 hours to finish the act depending on the difficulty setting you choose but I found that 4-6 hours would be more realistic (of course skipping dialogue and cut-scenes will shave off quite a bit of time).

The second addition to the game introduces a new class. The Crusader, the replacement to the sorely missed Paladin. Although its being stamped as a mix between a tank and support class, the Crusader knows no barrier and will destroy everything in it’s path without breaking a sweat. The usual abilities intended for offense and defense are there and some passives will help you and your party member mowing through enemies like with ease. The Crusader is a beefy character which looks and feels strong. This is probably the best kind of addition to classes one could ask for!

After months on end of grinding the same enemies in the same places the game got a bit stale but even the ones who kept playing Diablo 3 after finishing the story will probably be the first ones to get in-line and tell you how great the new Act feels and plays. Yes it’s only one Act but this doesn’t take away from the fact that Blizzard can still pull off the expansions for video games that money can buy. How they manage to do this every time I have no clue. Great as it may be Act V will only quench your thirst for D3 for a few hours. This is where Blizzard takes it to the next level.

In Adventure mode you get access to world maps and on these maps are various bounties for you to complete. Bounties can be anything from minor side quests to destroying bad ass bosses. After you successfully complete five bounties you receive your reward of XP, gold and a Horadric cache. “A Horadric cache?” you ask. Well it’s an item that gets put in your inventory and when you right-click on it rains loot. The key word here is Loot. With the new Loot 2.0 players will be surprised and very happy with the amount of great loot they will come across. For example, I found a Legendary weapon on a random corpse just by clicking on it. If that wasn’t enough, you are also be rewarded with a new type of currency called blood shards(you guessed right) which can be used to buy even more of that good old loot.

Now we have the loot out of the way lets move on to other matters. The level cap has been raised up to 70 and there’s  new passives and spells for your existing heroes. The tremendous thing that makes adventure mode the best thing to happen to D3 so far is that you can play it with your level 70 or a newly created character. Monsters difficulty is automatically scaled to your level, but you are also given a variety of difficulties which are used to determine just how hard you want it to be. The difficulty level determine the amount of XP, gold, bounty rewards and even legendary items that swing your way.

While completing bounties you will pick up Rift Keystone Fragments. Five of these fragments can be used to open up a Nephalem Rift. Nephalem Rifts are basically just a fancy way of saying “Loot Runs”. Randomly generated multiple leveled dungeons and random enemies are created for each rift. Killing the certain amount of monsters you are ask to will spawn the Rift Guardian(a boss from the game). Killing it will land you some even more Loot. Did I mention that this expansion has a lot of loot?

The newly added artisan will transmogrify your items for you which will give you a random stat in place on the one you choose to swap it for. To be honest I have yet to land anything worth my while but I’ll keep trying until I do.

Clans and communities now has a tab that shows clan members that are online and the text in the chat pain shows off what items your friends get which gives you a bit more motivation to keep hunting for better loot.

You have probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned anything I don’t like about the expansion. This is because there is nothing really worth mentioning. D3 is still not perfect but it just got a whole lot better. Reaper of Souls is worth every single penny you will spend and some. That’s why I am not going to cry about Blizzard not bringing offline play to the game… just yet!

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