Final Fantasy VII | Should it be Remade?

Final Fantasy VII | Should it be Remade?

It’s a question I have been asking myself for a number of years. I picked up the PlayStation game back around 1997, I was young and the deep story along with the lovable characters really introduced me into gaming and I still class final fantasy VII as my all-time favourite game, even to this day. I have the game on various platforms including PC and digitally on my PS3 and Vita.  I still play it and have completed it a number of times through the years. Would I be excited for a total remake? Possibly, but a remake carries with it a basket full of pro’s and cons’s along with a ton of questions that need to be answered.

Firstly in my opinion they need to get as many developers that worked on the original on board. The game needs to have their input to stop things spiralling out of control. I’m not saying don’t put anyone new on the project, it just needs some experienced guidance and someone that really respects the original.

It can’t be anything like the recent games. I couldn’t play Final Fantasy 13. I couldn’t get into it; I couldn’t relate to the characters, I just didn’t like it at all. The fighting system was horrible and it took away from what I loved about the series. A remake also in my eyes can’t change the game too much. It can’t make it shorter or longer. Don’t add new areas or side missions. Just keep the game basics and stripped down. Keep the fighting system exactly the same. I love the turn based aspect of VII and have come to love it in all other Final Fantasy games that adopted that same concept.

They also need to get the voice acting right. There’s no doubt about it, one thing they will most definitely add to the game is voice acting. It’s just how they go about it. Finding the right people and only changing the dialog where appropriate.

But all these points are something for you to think about. I’m here just to discuss one question. Should it be done? I don’t think so.

I would be too scared for it to go wrong. The game basically launched Sony into success. It also built even stronger foundations for the Final Fantasy franchise and let’s not forget, it’s still a great game! I still play it now, getting excited when I near an area of the game I remember fondly from a few years back when I last played it. I try and constantly level up my characters in different ways. I go through thinking maybe I missed something last time or maybe if I do this differently. I got my first copy from my dad who played it for a short time, first back in the 90’s. I asked him recently what he’d liked about it and he immediately mentioned the music and characters. It’s funny how simple things in games can be the most memorable. Something as good as that can’t just be recreated.

In the future there may well be a remake. There may be other spin off’s in that same Final Fantasy VII universe, who knows. All I know is, if it is ever announced that a remake is in the works, I’ll be nervous and I think a lot of people will share my feelings if that day arrives.

What do you think about a remake? Is it a good idea? Or do you want the game left well alone? Feel free to comment bellow, Tweet me @Wrightson_Luke or visit our Facebook page.

Luke Wrightson
  • Mallacred

    Easy, take all elements from The Advent Children. Voice Actors, Character deigns etc and use them as the jumping off point. Then just HD the rest of the game and release it for PS4.

    Everyone is happy.