Gamer Attitude Adjustment | Ultra HD Will Bring The “Revolution” We’ve All Been Waiting For

Gamer Attitude Adjustment | Ultra HD Will Bring The “Revolution” We’ve All Been Waiting For

I’ve mentioned a few times in my past articles that there is quite a lot of disappointment regarding the supposed next-gen offerings and while I don’t consider myself as one of them, I am loving my new PS4 and all that came with it, I can understand where the disgruntles are coming from and their complaints are just, for the most part anyway, just hear me out.

The biggest complaint of the next gen consoles are aimed at the graphics, the games just don’t seem to scream next gen. This applies for both the Xbox One AND PlayStation 4. Yes, there are some lovely looking games out but they don’t seem live up to a lot of people’s expectations. The extra oomph the new consoles provide have only increased lighting effects and loading times are mostly a thing of the past but these are not enough. We demand far greater detailing, extraordinary lighting and shadow effects, each glass blade programmed to move independently and all running at full HD at 60fps, is it too much to ask? No of course not because it’s totally technically possible, PCs can do it so why not the consoles based on the PC architecture? But what’s the point? Can you really tell the difference between 900p and 1080p? What about differences between 30fps and 60fps? As long as the framerate doesn’t drop below 30 (a minimum requirement methinks) both are negligible compared to the jump in graphics between the last generations and the reason is simple – the upgrade from Standard Definition to High Definition.

Like many I own a high-def console in my PS3 and a standard-def console in my Wii and the last time I dusted off my Wii, my first thought was oh dear God! How did we put up with this? It’s blocky, no detailing, the colours are washed out and all this dampened my experience. I don’t care what people say, graphics do matter in the sense that it helps with immersion, the better a game looks, the more believable it can be.

This is precisely how I have drawn my conclusion, if we are to be blown away by how good a game looks, the step up can’t be just be a mere 100 more pixels, there has to be a massive technological leap forward like the last time, which can only be Ultra HD where the pixel count more than doubles. Take it from a person who has already been drooling over such majestic displays at my local Currys. These TVs are jawdroppingly stunning, you can’t pick out a single pixel even when your’e stood on top of the TV, the colours are true to life, the swiftness of the movement, all of it, just pulls you in. The picture pop without being in 3D somehow, it’s easy to see why this is the future. There are already games that take advantage of this ridiculous resolution, trouble is of course watching the trailers of Star Citizen won’t do the game justice without watching them on a UHD TV but even so, they look sublime! This is the true revolution in graphical fidelity and will be the only thing to make everyone step back and think OH MY!

As we are all aware of though is the price tag of these Gods among TVs and until they become more affordable thus becoming more widespread, there is little incentive of developers making games in UHD. There is also little point in Sony and Microsoft pushing devs for more because they are biding their time. Just imagine the noise that would be made for the first console game to be shown in Ultra High Definition – what a wonderful marketing tool.

In my humble opinion, we are still a year or 2 or even 3 years before the UHD Revolution. Prices are falling all the time, even Netflix have starting streaming in UHD so it’s starting to happen. One thing is for sure though, you better make sure your furniture is splatter-proof because your minds will be blown!

Please note that I’ve been using Ultra HD as a blanket term for the next technological step in display panels. There is some confusion to exactly what UHD means, be it 2K or 4K or even 8K. Personally I’d quite happily take anything higher than boring old 1080p!

Thomas Ellis
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  • medman

    I don’t think 4k will ever have widespread adoption in the TV market, the distance you have to sit from the screen to see any discernible difference doesn’t really make sense for TV watching. PC monitors or projectors are a different story, however. But here’s my problem with this whole 4k thing…they’re already working on 8k. And 8k monitors could be available by the time there is actually a decent amount of 4k content available for the 4k market. It’s the tail wagging the dog. At some point people are going to stop falling for clever marketing and realize unless you are literally sitting within two feet of your screen/monitor, or have a 150 inch projection screen, your eyes can’t see the difference between 1080 and 4k at the distances most people watch television.

    • Drake

      medman, sounds like you’ve never had the fortune of sitting in front of shiny new 4k tv… because I know I was sure blown away at the visual fidelity of a 4k tv I saw in my local electronics boutique!

      I also remember people like you making the same argument about not being able to see the difference back when hdtv’s were new to the market, and we all know what happened after that lol