World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Beta Preview Part 2 – Races

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Beta Preview Part 2 – Races

Hey guys me again! Welcome back to another sector of behind the scenes of WoW:Warlords of Draenor. This time I am going to be telling about the changes that have been made to each race in the game. As I mentioned in my previous article on visuals, Blizzard have decided to return to the old feel of apparel, it seems they have also wanted to simplify the gameplay also. Now personally I have found this to be a huge improvement over previous expansions as Wrath of the Lich King was the first expansion to kick start this ridiculous amount of new spells, talents until you had to make so many macros you lost track of what was what. I found myself in Mist of Pandaria thinking how can I even remember what half my spells do! They must have answered my prayers and made the game a lot easier to keep track.

So lets talk Races


  • Both Mace and Sword Specialization’s have been removed from the game meaning they no longer gain that 1% Expertise.
  • Spirit no longer is increased by 3% but instead now increases two secondary stats by the amount of spirit your character has. These two secondary stats are yours to decide, I would show you this but this feature is not yet implemented but I would imagine it works something similar to reforging.


  • Crack Shot and mace specialization has been removed meaning you no longer have the 1% expertise… see the trend here?
  • Mace specialzation has been replaced by Might of the Moutain which is the new racial which increases critical strike and healing done by 2%.
  • Stoneform now also removes magic and curse effects in addition to poison, disease, and bleed effects, along with reducing damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds.


  • Expansive Mind now increases maximum Mana, Energy, Rage, and Runic Power by 5% instead of only increasing maximum Mana.
  • Escape Artist’s cooldown has been reduced by 30 seconds.
  • Shortblade Specialization also been removed so thats another loss of 1% expertise and has been replaced with Nimble Fingers. Nimble fingers is now the new Gnome racial passively increasing haste by 1%.

Night Elf

  • Quickness now also increases movement speed by 2% in addition to increasing Dodge chance by 2%.
  • Touch of Elune is a new passive ability which increases Haste by 1% at night, and Critical Strike Chance by 1% during the day! What an awesome twist for druids.


  • Heroic Presence has been redesigned. It no longer increases Hit by 1%, and instead increases Strength, Agility, and Intellect, scaling with character level.
  • Gift of the Naaru now is a faster heal, healing the same amount but 10 seconds faster!

Blood Elf

  • New racial passive ‘Arcane Acuity’,this increases Critical Strike chance by 1%.
  • Arcane Torrent now restores 20 Runic Power for Death Knights (up from 15 Runic Power), 1 Holy Power for Paladins, or 3% of Mana for Mage, Priest, Warlocks (up from 2% of Mana). Other aspects of the ability remain unchanged.


  • Axe Specialization has been removed dropping that 1% expertise.
  • Hardiness reduces the duration of Stun effects by 10%.


  • Brawn is a new racial passive ability that increases Critical Strike bonus damage and healing done by 2%.
  • Endurance now increases Stamina by an amount scaling with character level, instead of increasing Base Health by 5%.


  • Berserking now only increases haste by 15%
  • Beast Slaying now increases XP earned from killing Beasts by 20% instead of increasing damage dealt versus Beasts by 5%.
  • Dead Eye has been removed taking with it that 1% expertise.


  • Will of the Forsaken’s cooldown has been increased to 3 minutes!


  • Time is Money now gives you 1% increase more Haste.

As you can see a lot of changes have been implemented into the game. I can see this pleasing some players and frustrating others but Blizzard have said they want to make the game more even so that it comes down to skill, timing and perfection rather then who’s got the most crowd control, heals and critical strikes.

I could easily sit here all night and tell you everything! BUT that’s for next time. Be sure to stay tuned for more Warlords insider news right here on Gamer Attitude!

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