World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Beta Preview Part 3 – Dungeons

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Beta Preview Part 3 – Dungeons

Hey me again! Back with some more thrilling inside look into Blizzard’s newest expansion. This time I am going to go through each playable dungeon in the game so far and try to give you an idea of what to expect on release. Over the past week or so I have been having a huge problem with the game but it is expected as it is still early stages. Getting onto the game as well as playing these terrific new dungeons was a task in itself but without further a due lets jump into it without giving too much away.


Draenei populated area in which there seems to be deception in the ranks, Once you kill the first boss “Soul Construct” the Draenei become hostile and attacks you. This seems to be some sort of mind control effect on them as we all know the Draenei are not a violent race. I would like to tell you more about this I really would but as of yet after countless tries, dc’s (disconnects) and people going AFK (Away from keyboard) I had to abandon my attempts to complete the full dungeon. In the first fight the boss has a devastating ability to wipe the party if you are not careful. I love these kind of mechanics! Makes the game more of a challenge. If I am able to complete the full dungeon I will be sure to update you all.


Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Home of many Slags! Surprisingly not… This seems to be the home of many ogres. This recreation of slag mines takes me back to the early days of WoW. Instead of fighting your beer monsters and other random crap that they threw into Mists of Pandaria, you got OGRES! actual brutes along with other elements with fear and danger. In one of the boss battles you come up against “Slave Watcher Crushto” Leader of well… the ‘slave watchers’. During the fight he has an ability to raise the ground into a spike then kick it in your direction. If you are in the direction of fire it hits hard, so make sure to position yourself behind him. Here is a look at the boss model.



This is by far the best dungeon in the game at the moment, It is just stunning (be sure to check out the images below for bonus screenshots) I am unsure of the back story behind this but as soon as I entered this dungeon my eyes almost popped out of my head! Set on a mountain side in a collective of nests, with new mobs! best way to describe them are half bird half human. Flying around at sonic speed this was quite a task to tank and also throw out a fair amount of damage. The first boss… the work that has been done on this race looks incredible. This requires some ridiculous tactics, my god the amount of times we wiped on this boss I had to get many repairs. Some crazy rotating area of effect spells that if you stay in for longer then 5 seconds you will die. I am not sure if they are going to tone this down in the released version but for a normal difficulty dungeon it was a challenge. Here is this beautiful but devastating boss.


Upper Blackrock Spire

This is not the last dungeon in the list but I have been having some trouble with “shadowmoon Burial Ground”. By this I mean getting a group which can complete the first set of trash mobs and also stay long enough to get to the first boss. I feel like this has something to do with broken mechanics along with the broken dungeon finder (in which people get disconnected or leave and the finder does not locate anymore players in which to replace them). This will be getting fixed soon I hope so I am hoping to get something down on that end. I do apologies but beta’s are really unpredictable. Now back to Upper black rock spire, this awesome remake of the original Blackrock Spire is breathtaking. Taking you back to the good old days, Remember that you have to clear the first room in which to advance to the first boss… well that’s still there. The textures of both surroundings and mob models are smooth as a baby’s… yeah. Always nice to see previous content remastered, some may say it’s lazy but it does fit in with the whole back in time aspect of the game. For all you who remember this dungeon from way back you will remember that the first boss was Pyroguard Emberseer, well not anymore. It is now home to Orebender Gor’ ashan, tactics are fairly similar in the way you have to unchain him and constantly interrupt his shield but your damage seems to drop dramatically. Few members of the party died and I had to tank and dps… but was an awesome fight, possibly my favorite boss fight yet. Here is what he looks like before you unchain him, the detail is stunning.


So there you have it folks something else to look forward to on release of the new expansion, I just wish I could play more of this beta. Just so happens I can’t always log on which is a huge shame. If you like what you see make sure to share on Facebook and Twitter, Also be sure to check out bonus screenshots below!

Chris Hinchcliffe