Chris Hinchcliffe

Chris Hinchcliffe


The guys at Jagex Studios have again come up with a genius idea to change the game by storm and implement a new variation of Runesacpe called Darkscape. The world of Gielinor (Runescape location) has entered a Dark realm allowing full world PvP! To some players this is a much needed update to the game as many play this game to show their strengths in combat in which Wildy rules (wilderness) apply....[Read More]

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Is Almost Here!

Another week, another expansion! Not that I’m complaining. These last 2 weeks have been brilliant to be a Hearthstone player. On August the 24th, The Grand Tournament will arrive, bringing with it a whole new set of rules including a new active ability called “Inspire”. Lets start off with the cards. Like Goblins Vs Gnomes that came before it, this expansion is strictly card base...[Read More]

Play As “Yourself” In The Latest Need For Speed

Finally a Need For Speed fit for all drivers! Yes, EA have revealed in their next instalment of the much fuelled racing franchise Need for Speed, you can undertake five very unique routes to make your own personal experience to fit your driving style. With you creating your own experience you will indeed start from the bottom of the pile but the path you take will allow you to progress, gain a fol...[Read More]

Runescape Joins WWF To Protect Endangered Big Cats

As you may have already heard on the news, “Big game hunting”, the poaching of the endangered animals of the world has just received a huge spike in the past months and the very charitable Jagex has stepped up and joined the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to help raise money to save these beautiful animals from extinction.

Nosgoth Holds Alpha Testing on New Game Mode

As if the game wasn’t already full of enough content for you, there will be a new challenge for you to test your reflexes. Currently in the early stages, competitive mode will be enabled scheduled windows for you guys to test your skills. All of this is thanks to constructive feedback from those of you who play the game. Competitive mode will only be set to solo play until the full version i...[Read More]

The Masterplan Review


The Masterplan is a thrilling top-down heist shoot ’em up brought to you by Shark Punch. This small small group of indie developers have completely taken me and many other reviewers by surprise with this incredible “Masterpiece”. 

Guild of Dungeoneering Review


elcome one and all to The Guild of Dungeoneering (GoD). This very unique Dungeon Crawler in which your experience differs on how you craft your game board as you do not control the movement but rather the game adapts to your placements. I will explain this more but first I must say this hand drawn crawler is like none I’ve seen before. Gambrinous, a small team of 5 from Ireland, worked their...[Read More]

LEGO Worlds Out Now On Steam Early Access

Hey guys just a quickie from me today to let you all know about a game that I feel should have been created when I was 7 years old as I loved Lego but didn’t have enough money to obtain a large quantity of them. This however seemed to pop up out of nowhere and completely blew my mind. For the small price of £11.99 you can get an endless supply of Lego in which you can build, explore, destroy...[Read More]

Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Series Review


What a true honor I have for you today – TellTale’s newest game series Game of Thrones! TellTale are renowned for their truly magnificent interactive story games such as the The Walking Dead series from the hit TV series with the same name and The Wolf Among Us, an intricate tale of murder and which is down to you to solve. There has been talk for quite some time about Game of Thrones ...[Read More]

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