London Symphony Orchestra Travels To Japan To Perform Final Symphony II

Final Symphony II is the follow-up concerts and album of the critically acclaimed Final Symphony which featured music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X. Itself featuring music from V, VIII, IX and XIII performed by world reknowned London Symphony Orchestra who will, for the first time ever for a foreign orchestra, perform in Japan as part of their tour tour of Far East.

10 Video Game Songs Beatboxed !

No, this isn’t a video game. You got me! However, this is video game related and is also awesome! When I came across this gem I just had to share it with you people. I have been watching Daichi‘s video for quite a while now. He is one of the most unique beatboxers I have had the pleasure of listening to. It’s not the first time he has done video game themed beatboxing but this on...[Read More]

It Turns Out GTA V’s Lester Can Pack A Punch

Most of us know Lester as Grand Theft Auto V’s brilliant mastermind behind the heists in both the single-player and multi-player portions of the game, but this mastermind also regularly used a cane, wheelchair and inhaler and practically never left his dark and very lived-in house. Well, it turns out this whole demeanor of frailty was just an act, as gamers have captured Lester hijacking car...[Read More]

Dead Rising: Watchtower

Hey guys it has come to my attention that one of the most popular zombie survival games of all time has been made into a movie! Unfortunately not based on any of the current games but still involves a town full of zombies, every living person trying to get their hands on Zombrex (The cure needed to take every 24 hours in order to not turn once bitten) which has a malfunction leaving the living hel...[Read More]

‘Ghost Assassin’ VIP, Maduk ft Veela (SC2)

Some of you may remember Maduk and Veela’s YouTube single about StarCraft 2, and Sarah Kerrigan/The Queen of Blades – made before the release of Heart of the Swarm. Well, today Maduk introduced us to the VIP version (a cleaner mix of the song ‘Ghost Assassin’), along with a Star Craft 2 video to go along with it! I am absolutely loving it all over again, and the video is pr...[Read More]

Nightwing: The Series Fan Film Gets A Trailer!

Ok. so I am pumped for the release of this series and I know there many of you who are too. I have been waiting for this trailer to drop for a while now and here it is. Series premiere on September 29th. Not long to go people! Don’t forget to check their Facebook and Twitter pages. Before you get stuck in here is some information about the series from ISMAHAWK YouTube Channel: ISMAHAWK in as...[Read More]

Destiny Media Blowout On the Way

Just when you thought you saw everything that Bungie’s upcoming open world multiplayer shooter has to offer, IGN has announced that it will be spotlighting a whole ton of new exclusive information regarding Destiny. It has already released a little teaser trailer which you can check out below:

Appy Gamer App Updated To v4. Win A PS4 or Xbox One!

Our partner app Appy Gamer has got some great news for you. Appy Gamer has been updated to v4 which brings a whole bunch of great new features and it look’s awesome! If you haven’t download Appy Gamer yet now is the time to go and do so because you can win a Playstation 4 or Xbox One console from Appy Gamer in 3 easy steps! No strings attached, this is the real deal. To take part follo...[Read More]

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