Dead Rising: Watchtower

Hey guys it has come to my attention that one of the most popular zombie survival games of all time has been made into a movie! Unfortunately not based on any of the current games but still involves a town full of zombies, every living person trying to get their hands on Zombrex (The cure needed to take every 24 hours in order to not turn once bitten) which has a malfunction leaving the living hel...[Read More]

Sony + Nintendo = Mario Movie ?

It’s not surprising anymore when we hear about companies getting hack, so news of Sony Pictures getting hacked wasn’t in no way an “OMG” moment. But what could be considered as a bit of exciting and slightly shocking news came from the leaked emails that contained sensitive information containing the studio’s future plans. The most shocking? Well that has to be a conversations about Sony Pictures ...[Read More]

The New Star Wars Trailer May Be Playing At Your Local Cinema This Week

Hot on the heels of a barrage of rumors, it has finally been revealed that the first ever trailer for much anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be playing in cinemas across the US starting this Friday. You can find the full list of theaters playing the trailer here . Of course, the trailer will be available online too, but wouldn’t it be great to hear John Williams signature tune bl...[Read More]

Nightwing: The Series Fan Film Gets A Trailer!

Ok. so I am pumped for the release of this series and I know there many of you who are too. I have been waiting for this trailer to drop for a while now and here it is. Series premiere on September 29th. Not long to go people! Don’t forget to check their Facebook and Twitter pages. Before you get stuck in here is some information about the series from ISMAHAWK YouTube Channel: ISMAHAWK in as...[Read More]

Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer  Leaked

Yes a look at the Batman V Superman Teaser Trailer  Cam view  Leaked.Someone  at  comic con filmed it and has put it online for all us fans.It is not very long but we get to see the two on screen. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  is out  in 2016  

Eisenberg, Not Heisenberg

In a recent interview on Howard Stern’s radio show Bryan Cranston has slashed all hopes of him playing Lex Luthor in upcoming über superhero flick Batman Vs Superman. Apparently the Breaking Bad actor was “on the verge of signing on,”  although he was never even approached by Warner Bros. or anyone involved with the movie. “In the minds of fans, it’s true,” he s...[Read More]

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