Everspace Smashes Its Kickstarter Goals

Everspace is an upcoming rogue-like space shooter from Rockfish Games, an indie studio made of the creative minds who brought the super popular mobile game Galaxy on Fire. After a great start kicking off their Kickstarter campaign at Gamescom (which was only less than a month), Rockfish proudly announced today that Everspace has reached their Kickstarter funding goal of €225,000 (~$250,000) but no...[Read More]

Killing Floor 2 Receives Massive Update Today, Becomes Free To Celebrate

Ultra violent co-op FPS Killing Floor 2 is set to receive a massive update today that’ll increase content by a huge 50% and it won’t cost players who brought the game on Early Access a penny. What’s more, and this is the fun part, Killing Floor 2 will be FREE on Steam this weekend (September 3rd – 6th). If you liked it and I don’t see how you can’t, you’ll be ab...[Read More]

Zombie Vikings Is Out NOW

From Zoink Games, the guys who brought us the hilarious puzzle platformer Stick It To The Man! comes Zombie Vikings, a new “one to four-player co-op stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon”. Players take the roles of Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa. Four of the most feared Vikings brought back to life, charged with an impossible mission to retrieve Odin’s eye. Hack through the gingerbread...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV Takes Us For A Spin

Final Fantasy XV had a strong presence at PAX Prime, unleashing a wealth of eye candy for us to drool over. Most impressive of which was the Driving Gameplay Video which shows off the game’s driving feature. What’s interesting about the driving is the camera angle used. It’s more to show off the scenery rather than providing a true driving experience. It does seem very relaxing j...[Read More]

Just Cause 3 Developer Diary Part 2 – Destruction

Anyone who has played on Just Cause game would’ve noticed an explosion or two. In fact, Just Cause makes a Michael Bay movie look like church! In the second developer diary, the Avalanche team discuss exactly that – destruction and how they gave birth to it using technology and unique scenarios. Check it out below. “We’ve been focused purely on the new generation of high-end technology...[Read More]

Zombie Vikings Will Launch On The 1st of September

Sadly, Zombie Vikings missed out on September’s PlayStation Plus Instant Collection. The honours went to Grow Home which won more votes but Zoink Games’ latest is still hitting the PlayStation 4 on the 1st of September with added bonuses. Available at launch will be 2 characters, one of which is Ray from the studio’s previous title Stick It To The Man! Dressed in his finest Zombi...[Read More]

Dishonored: Definitive Edition Launch Trailer

Dishonored came out of nowhere in 2012 and swept up multiple awards including best action game at Spike Video Game Awards 2012, best graphics, best PS3 game, best Xbox 360 game and the coveted Game of the Year award with many many more. Regardless of how you feel about the ever-growing “remastered” library, no game can possibly be more deserving. Dishonored: Definitive Edition hits the...[Read More]

Goliath Hits KickStarter

Everyone makes mistakes. You make giants. From Whalebox Studios, a small team with giant-sized ideas comes Goliath, an open-world action RPG that sees players scavenge for tools and materials to build their own giant robots in order to survive in a war-worn land inhabited by equally giant monsters. Today, Goliath hits Kickstarter but it’s not your usual campaign as the team already has the n...[Read More]

Explore Crane’s The Untold Chapter In Dying Light: The Following + Reveal Trailer

Dying Light: The Following is an upcoming expansion for the zombie themed freerunner Dying Light and it is absolutely massive! In fact, it’s as big as the all original maps from Dying Light combined. You might have already heard about The Following when it was shown off at Gamescom 2015. Yes, it’s the one with the cars! Check out the trailer below. Dying Light: The Following will see K...[Read More]

The Zeds Invade PAX Prime (Killing Floor 2 Goodies At PAX)

Tripwire Interactive, the guys behind upcoming gorey co-op FPS Killing Floor 2 will be hitting PAX Prime, bringing with them a slew of goodies and activities. Key members of the development team will be holding a panel for all your burning Killing Floor 2 questions. Panelists include: Alan Wilson – Owner/Vice President, Tripwire Interactive Bill Munk – Owner/Creative Director, Tripwire...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer Reveals A Familiar Enemy

Gamescom 2015 is done and dusted but we saw some really exciting stuff. The game show was a big one for Square-Enix’s latest RPG, Final Fantasy XV. We saw a wonderful trailer that was brimming with emotion and gave us an idea of events leading up to the game. Today, we can see Final Fantasy XV in action. Noctis and his companions will facing up to one to oldest and recurring foe, the multi-t...[Read More]

Come Fly With Me To Everspace

Everspace is an upcoming rogue-like space shooter and it comes from the creative minds who brought us the super popular and critically acclaimed mobile games Galaxy on Fire I & II. Following their successful on mobile devices, the 3D gaming veterans turned their attention to Everspace, the spiritul successor to GoF and bigger and better in every way thanks to it being developed for the PC whe...[Read More]

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