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Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition Unboxing

I haven’t been as excited as I was unboxing this bad boy since I picked up Super Street Fight 2 back in the day. Bethesda not only managed to make a mighty fine game but they also gave fans of Fallout the greatest collector’s edition of all time! Yes, I said “…of all time!”.

Fallout 4 New Gameplay Launch Trailer Released

Set to release worldwide next week on November 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Fallout 4 is a strong contender for everyone’s (well, a majority of gamers’) Game of the Year. Maybe even Game of the Generation. We are still pretty early on in the cycle but Bethesda seem to have this launch figured out to every little last detail. I for one am super excited to unbox my Fallou...[Read More]


Nuke town is back baby! This map will put a smile on every fans face as soon as they hear about this. We have all come to expect it every BLOPS but we never stop becoming hyped up every time it’s announced, right? Let’s all sit back and enjoy what is to come. Set in 2065, this fan favorite map from Black Ops has returned in a big way. Nuk3town has been re-designed from the ground up to...[Read More]


This is one trailer you don’t want to miss! Everyone knows, fan or not, that COD’s live-action trailers are as epic as they come. Activition reached out to tell us that “The official Call of Duty: Black Ops III live action trailer, directed by Wayne McClammy and featuring Michael B. Jordan, Cara Delevingne and Marshawn Lynch, follows Kevin as he wall-runs, thrust jumps and power ...[Read More]


Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced post-launch DLC plans for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Fans of the series will be happy to hear that BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and CyberConnect2 plan to support the upcoming NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4  with a “massive” post-launch plan: “DLC Pack 1 1x Scenario (3 hours) 1 x Costume 4 x Combination Secret Techniq...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamil Unlimited’s 2nd DLC Out Now

Orsinium, the second DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, is now available for PC and Mac. Orsinium will be available for Xbox One on November 17 and PlayStation 4 on November 18. “Orsinium, the ancestral home of the Orcs, is being rebuilt deep in the Wrothgar Mountains, and King Kurog has sent out a call across Tamriel for intrepid adventurers to assist in its rebi...[Read More]

Overwatch Beta Coming Sooner Than Expected

Blizzard have announced that they “…were able to complete setup and testing of our beta servers for Europe sooner than anticipated. As a result, we’re happy to report that we will be launching the Overwatch Closed Beta in both the Americas and Europe gameplay regions on October 27″. Yay for us!

Bethesda Releases Fallout 4 PC System Requirements

For those of you looking to set up your gaming rigs for the newest addition to the Fallout franchise, you are now able to check out your minimum and optimal requirements. Recently Bethesda announced the requirements via social media and their website, allowing players to begin setting up their computers for the game. Along with the system requirements, Bethesda also answered some FAQ’s for p...[Read More]

The Wanderer Trailer – Fallout 4

It’s only 25 days until Fallout 4 hits the shelves and the hype surrounding the newest installment is never ending. Some of us, not naming any names or anything, have spent several hours every day since the official announcement refreshing Google and Youtube searches for new info and videos. Now, less than a month away from launch, Bethesda has thrown us drooling ghouls out there a little so...[Read More]

EGX 2015 in Under 4 Minutes (Video)

Enjoy this montage from our time at EGX 2015. We had a wonderful time seeing all our good friends and meeting new people too. The games were great. The EGX experience gets better every year. I already have my countdown started for next year! x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ix7w7drgfQ

Fallout Anthology is Exploding with Content

Fallout Anthology, the definitive PC collection from the Fallout series, is now available in Europe. If the list below is not enough, it even has space for your copy of Fallout 4!  This Fallout collection which comes in a storage case that looks like a mini-nuke includes: Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition o    The Pitt o    Operation: Anchorage o    Broken Steel o    Point Lookout  o    Mothersh...[Read More]

Blizzard Reveals StarCraft 2, Legacy of the Void Release Date!

Blizzard’s hit RTS StarCraft II is finally getting it’s second and final expansion! While our first look at the game happened late last year, we have finally have a solid release date. November 10th, 2015. The announcement came during the World Championship Tournament season three finals earlier today live on Twitch and came with the snazzy opening cinematic! Legacy of the Void will he...[Read More]

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