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The guys at Jagex Studios have again come up with a genius idea to change the game by storm and implement a new variation of Runesacpe called Darkscape. The world of Gielinor (Runescape location) has entered a Dark realm allowing full world PvP! To some players this is a much needed update to the game as many play this game to show their strengths in combat in which Wildy rules (wilderness) apply....[Read More]

Winterflame: The Other Side Preview

“What if the act of saving a loved one leads to the uncovering of a distorted truth? Would you be willing to take the plunge and have your perceptions challenged?“ Winterflame: The Other Side is an atmospheric side-scrolling puzzle game, with a narrative and multiple areas to solve and progress through. The game, from what is shown, centers around a human boy named Lev who lives in a m...[Read More]

Guild of Dungeoneering Preview

Have I got something a little different for you all today. Guild of Dungeoneering is not like anything I have never come across before and it’s such a hidden gem. This hand drawn dungeoneering delight was brought to you by Gambrinous and published by Versus Evil which brought you Toren. This ingenious game puts together the elements of a 2D dungeon crawler and a turn based card game and best...[Read More]

Toren Preview

The greed of men and their desire to reach the sky and touch the sun, but this dream was crushed when the dragon took the sky and hid the sun from the world. One brave warrior tried to defeat the dragon but it was far too powerful and cast a spell on the girl which made her stone. A new warrior princess is born, you are the chosen one. You must play through this stunning puzzle adventure, going fr...[Read More]

The Weaponographist Preview

Danny Garfield and his team at Puuba are back with another instant classic. Concursion, which came out last year, was a genre mashing platformer that had players switching between jumping from platform to platform then suddenly shooting down foes in a spaceship then becoming a hack ‘n slasher at a blink of the eye. The Weaponographist follows Doug McGrave, who is a bit of a jerk and refused ...[Read More]

Gamer Attitude At Rezzed: Hands-on With DiscStorm

There was at least 2 definite trends at Rezzed this year – Virtual Reality and local multiplayers or couch co-ops (a term I overheard and adopted). The latter of which I am extremely happy to see. Some of my fondest gaming memories consist of Mario Kart and GoldenEye on the N64 or Halo on the Xbox. There’s nothing wrong with the modern online multiplayers but you cannot beat the sheer ...[Read More]

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries | First Impressions

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries is the kickstarter-funded game by GRIN. It is currently only available via steam greenlight, meaning that it isn’t quite finished yet – and after playing for a while I can confirm there are a few bugs that they need to iron out. But for now, let’s jump into my first impressions. The Graphics Wow. This really is a game that is an absolute pleasure to b...[Read More]

Block N Load Preview

Well well well what have we here? From one of my all time favourite game developers Jagex, known for their huge MMORPG ,Runescape, have expanded and are rocking it! Block N Load has blown my mind and I actually fist pumped for my first victory! It is incredible!

Total War Atilla Preview @ EGX 2014

At this years EGX the guys over at Creative Assembly had something special in store for attendees at London Earls Court. A new Total War game was to be announced on the first day of the event and it turned out to be a direct follow on from Rome 2; and it looked pretty damn good. It is set in 395 AD and focuses on Attila the Hun and his forces sweeping westwards towards the heart of the roman empir...[Read More]


Ever imagined what would happen if Mr T (the A-Team and infamous badass) and Trey Parker (creator of Team America and South Park) had a baby? No? Well now you don’t have to! BROFORCE (capitals extremely necessary) is the latest offering from Free Lives, a quirky little indie development company.

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