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Sym Review

The world today is filled with a massive number of games and as such, what we expect from them has changed greatly. While fun, lighthearted genres, simulators, sports games, hack-and-slash titles and many others still thrive, the more artistic movement is fast becoming a staple of modern gaming. These games feature more serious topics, self-expression, strange and/or unheard of mechanics to paint ...[Read More]

Block N Load! Review

I am so glad to get my hands on the full release of Block n Load! as I played in the early beta stages and it was incredible. Lets see how it’s shaped up! This is a very creative idea. Using the building mechanics found in games like Minecraft and mixing in some tower defense, hack and slash and FPS, this is truly an epic mash-up. The aim of the game is simple yet extremely challenging. In t...[Read More]

Ultratron Review

Note: This review was conducted with the Xbox One version.  Ultratron is an arcade-style, twin-stick shooter. As humanity’s last remaining battle droid, you’ll blast through waves of enemies across dozens of stages. The gameplay is tight and the bullet-laden chaos provides an enjoyable, and occasionally challenge, but the real thrill comes from the addictive upgrade system. Each stage has players ...[Read More]

The Charnel House Trilogy Review

The Charnel House Trilogy is an eerie point-and-click game, developed by Owl Cave (the indie group that created Richard and Alice).  The developer has a penchant for story-driven games that are usually more on the darker, grim side and The Charnel House is no exception.

The Last Door Chapter 6: My Dearest Visitor Review

Episodic point ‘n click horror game The Last Door has always held a special place in my heart. It was one of the first games I ever reviewed, all those moons ago and I love being part of the community and help shape the next chapter along with The Game Kitchen, The Last Door’s developer. The Last Door is now all the way up to chapter 6 and into it’s second season that saw season ...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Episode 2 – Out Of Time Review

Life is Strange: Episode 1 started out strong, utilizing its intriguing time-travel mechanic, impactful decision-making, and shades of grey scenarios to their full advantage. It also left an impression on me by taking even the simplest, mundane elements and changing it creatively so it becomes fun in the game. As an episodic game, the narrative could start out with a good foot, then ultimately tri...[Read More]

Grey Goo Review

Real Time Strategy games have rather fallen to the wayside of late. Blizzard’s StarCraft has really taken over the mantle from the heyday of Age of Empires. Many strategy games of 2014 were either turned based, such as Civ 5, or a combination of the two. As a lifelong fan of both Age of Empires and Command and Conquer, imagine my delight when this little gem fell into my inbox. Indie games c...[Read More]

The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat Review

Adding to the new, perhaps unpolished Sims 4 game is a new type of add-on content called a ‘Game Pack’, a 20 dollar DLC which finds itself smack dab between an ‘expansion’ and a ‘stuff pack’ – combining all the fun items, hair styles and clothing of a stuff pack with additional features. Being the first piece of paid content for The Sims 4, I expected a lo...[Read More]

Kings of Kung Fu Early Access Review

Hey guys me again and today I bring you Kings of Kung Fu brought to you by Digital Tribe, the publisher that brought you Tiny Keep and Q-Beh 1 The Atlas Cube – two brilliant games! The story begins… You select your chosen warrior who has nominated themselves to embark on a tournament of combat and you will face seven different foes, each with their own unique fighting style to earn you...[Read More]

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