PS3 Review

Ultratron Review

Note: This review was conducted with the Xbox One version.  Ultratron is an arcade-style, twin-stick shooter. As humanity’s last remaining battle droid, you’ll blast through waves of enemies across dozens of stages. The gameplay is tight and the bullet-laden chaos provides an enjoyable, and occasionally challenge, but the real thrill comes from the addictive upgrade system. Each stage has players ...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Episode 2 – Out Of Time Review

Life is Strange: Episode 1 started out strong, utilizing its intriguing time-travel mechanic, impactful decision-making, and shades of grey scenarios to their full advantage. It also left an impression on me by taking even the simplest, mundane elements and changing it creatively so it becomes fun in the game. As an episodic game, the narrative could start out with a good foot, then ultimately tri...[Read More]

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 “All That Remains” | Review

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 “All That Remains” is all about Clementine’s story of how she deals with the loss of everything she knows. Telltale Games has truely mastered the art of cinematic storytelling.  While having almost the same gameplay as the previous games in the series, this entry makes changes to refine the already excellent user interface.  The button-prompt...[Read More]

Thief – What A Letdown

I was really looking forward to Thief. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been a PS4 game release for a while, as we know the library is looking a bit sad. Maybe because Thief has a such an acclaimed lineage and there is such an amount of hype surrounding this revamp. The 28th finally came and the game was sitting there for me on my welcome mat when I got home. I wolfed down my dinner dow...[Read More]

The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

Naughty Dog has finally released the single player DLC upon us, cruelly on Valentine’s Day but giving us a mighty fine excuse to immerse ourselves in the beautifully haunting world of The Last of Us once again. I’ll try my best to not give anything away and as the game states it is highly recommended that you have completed the single player campaign before even attempting Left Behind.

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