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EGX 2015 in Under 4 Minutes (Video)

Enjoy this montage from our time at EGX 2015. We had a wonderful time seeing all our good friends and meeting new people too. The games were great. The EGX experience gets better every year. I already have my countdown started for next year! x

Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Sit Between Assassin’s Creed & Skyrim

Horizon: Zero Dawn marks a massive departure for Guerrilla Games, the studio behind PlayStation’s first-person-shooter staple Killzone. Originally revealed at E3 2015, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be a third person action RPG but exactly how far will customisations and the freedom of choice go? Speaking to GamesRadar, Guerrilla Games’ co-founder and managing director Herman Hulst explains: ...[Read More]

Del Toro – “I Will Never Again Get Involved In Video Games”

Poor old Guillermo. The creative auteur has attempted to apply his artistic genius into video games several only to see his ideas crash and burn, the most recent train-wreck being the cancellation of the new Silent Hills game as a victim of the ongoing Kojima-Konami feud. It looks like that was the last straw for Del Toro, who expressed his vow to never return to the games industry in an interview...[Read More]

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Special Edition Announced

Sony have revealed the special edition version of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. This edition will come a 48-page ‘The Art of Uncharted Trilogy’ book, a steelbook case for the game and a variety of stickers. It will see a limited release in Europe, New Zealand and Australia (other regions are yet to be confirmed) alongside the normal version of the g...[Read More]

Journey PS4 To Release This Month ?

According to official Sony site ‘Docs For PlayStation” (yeah, I had never heard of it until today either), Journey the critically-acclaimed title from thatgamecompany is to release on PlayStation 4 this July 21st. The original game was a PlayStation 3 exclusive release back in 2012 and was announced for PS4 last year. The remaster will mean that the game’s frame-rate will be doub...[Read More]

PS Plus’s 5th Anniversary Brings Free Gifts For Lifelong Subs

Happy Birthday PlayStation Plus! Believe it or not, it’s been five years since Sony launched their PlayStation Subscription service which now acts as the gateway to online gaming for their current console. To celebrate this, Sony announced on the PlayStation blog that those who have been subscribing since the very beginning of PlayStation Plus will be receiving a “limited edition”...[Read More]

Sora Summons The Hype Train In First Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Footage

Square Enix could merely display a lock of Sora’s hair to make Kingdom Hearts fans hyperventilate in excitement. Thankfully, the publisher went the extra mile and revealed the first, exciting look at Kingdom Hearts III’s gameplay. The video shows two mysterious new characters vaguely foreshadowing the plot over an overly-elaborate-looking chess game. At the same time, Sora, with Goofy ...[Read More]

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