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Destiny Rocks Out With Led Zeppelin Again For The Taken King

We are only 2 weeks away from Destiny’s huuuuuge expansion that will bring sweeping changes and brand new gameplay with it. Below is its Launch Trailer featuring gameplay footage and Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog. Check it out. Break out your air guitars and become legend! Tomorrow, Wednesday the 2nd of September at 18:00 BST, the third and final Bungie livestream will take place for The Ta...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV Takes Us For A Spin

Final Fantasy XV had a strong presence at PAX Prime, unleashing a wealth of eye candy for us to drool over. Most impressive of which was the Driving Gameplay Video which shows off the game’s driving feature. What’s interesting about the driving is the camera angle used. It’s more to show off the scenery rather than providing a true driving experience. It does seem very relaxing j...[Read More]

Just Cause 3 Developer Diary Part 2 – Destruction

Anyone who has played on Just Cause game would’ve noticed an explosion or two. In fact, Just Cause makes a Michael Bay movie look like church! In the second developer diary, the Avalanche team discuss exactly that – destruction and how they gave birth to it using technology and unique scenarios. Check it out below. “We’ve been focused purely on the new generation of high-end technology...[Read More]

Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition Includes Journal & Necklace

Square Enix just released details of what’s going to be included in the Collector’s Edition for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Fans who pre-order will get: Full Xbox One retail copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider 12 inch tall statue of Lara Croft Collectible steel case Replica of Lara’s leather in-game journal Model of Lara’s jade necklace HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART: Rise of the Tomb Raider...[Read More]

Dishonored: Definitive Edition Launch Trailer

Dishonored came out of nowhere in 2012 and swept up multiple awards including best action game at Spike Video Game Awards 2012, best graphics, best PS3 game, best Xbox 360 game and the coveted Game of the Year award with many many more. Regardless of how you feel about the ever-growing “remastered” library, no game can possibly be more deserving. Dishonored: Definitive Edition hits the...[Read More]

Explore Crane’s The Untold Chapter In Dying Light: The Following + Reveal Trailer

Dying Light: The Following is an upcoming expansion for the zombie themed freerunner Dying Light and it is absolutely massive! In fact, it’s as big as the all original maps from Dying Light combined. You might have already heard about The Following when it was shown off at Gamescom 2015. Yes, it’s the one with the cars! Check out the trailer below. Dying Light: The Following will see K...[Read More]

The Zeds Invade PAX Prime (Killing Floor 2 Goodies At PAX)

Tripwire Interactive, the guys behind upcoming gorey co-op FPS Killing Floor 2 will be hitting PAX Prime, bringing with them a slew of goodies and activities. Key members of the development team will be holding a panel for all your burning Killing Floor 2 questions. Panelists include: Alan Wilson – Owner/Vice President, Tripwire Interactive Bill Munk – Owner/Creative Director, Tripwire...[Read More]

Play As “Yourself” In The Latest Need For Speed

Finally a Need For Speed fit for all drivers! Yes, EA have revealed in their next instalment of the much fuelled racing franchise Need for Speed, you can undertake five very unique routes to make your own personal experience to fit your driving style. With you creating your own experience you will indeed start from the bottom of the pile but the path you take will allow you to progress, gain a fol...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer Reveals A Familiar Enemy

Gamescom 2015 is done and dusted but we saw some really exciting stuff. The game show was a big one for Square-Enix’s latest RPG, Final Fantasy XV. We saw a wonderful trailer that was brimming with emotion and gave us an idea of events leading up to the game. Today, we can see Final Fantasy XV in action. Noctis and his companions will facing up to one to oldest and recurring foe, the multi-t...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid V Gamescom Trailer Shows Off Freakish Villains

Coverage for Kojima’s latest has been extensive to say the least. We have all seen and read so much about the game but yet, with every new trailer more is revealed. We knew Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is going to be a massive game but these reveals demonstrate just how big it will be. The trailer shows Big Boss in action in an open world, this we’ve seen before (not that IR...[Read More]

Check Out Mirror’s Edge Catalyst In Action For The First Time Ever

This is it Mirror’s Edge fans, what you’ve been waiting for – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in action and it is looking mighty fine. In this action packed trailer, we see Faith breaking into the Elysium skyscraper. Along the way, Faith effortlessly leaps and wall-running from building to building, avoiding guards as she goes. For pre-alpha footage, Catalyst is already running butt...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XV Gamescom Trailer Tells A Sombre Tale

As promised, Square Enix revealed a trailer at Gamescom 2015 and it really sets the stage for what is to come. Set 15 years ago, it shows a somewhat bleak setting with lashings of rain and a dimly lit atmosphere with troops dashing about. As the score climaxes, we see a father mourning of what his son’s destiny will be. This scene lingers on, building an emotional connection then the camera ...[Read More]

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