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PS4 Colourful Matte Wrap Decals Updated Photos White and Red (£9.90-£12.90)

PS4  Colourful Matte Wrap Decals Updated Photos White and Red (£9.90-£12.90)
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Price ( £ ) £9.90-£12.90
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This Deal is brought to you by Hal

Hello we just got hands on the PS4 Matte  Wrap Decal

You can get the Wrap in Matte White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and more.We went for the white one

Before I start, the wrap was fitted to the best of my ability and eyes.

So let me start by saying that the look I went for I am loving it. With the carbon fiber one and the gloss finish on other side. Every one has different taste.

(Photos and how to wrap are from the Carbon fiber wrap which is the same for the matte look)

Tools I used 

  • Microfiber cloth (does not come with the wrap decal)
  • Card to get air bubbles out with.

Before you start make sure to wash you’re hands so no dirt or dust get’s trapped under the wrap.

1. I started off with the big top half first. I cleaned the top of it with my Microfiber cloth so there was no dust.


2. When it is clean pull the wrap away from the backing paper.



3. Line the wrap up to the edges of the PS4 then slowly drop it down.When doing the sides I found it a lot easier to sit the PS4 up on it`s side.



4. When the wrap is in place and in line to you’re liking, use a card or thumb to gently get any air bubbles out.



All you have to do now is repeat the process on all the parts you wish to wrap the PS4  in.

If you find yourself unhappy with the lining  don’t worry the wrap comes off very easily and does not leave a mark on the PS4.

This is my finished look.

FrontRight side

Left sideIMAG0092




My overall review of the Matte wrap is that I like it a lot. It being white you would think it would show bits of dirt on it  but it doe’s not. Even if  some dirt doe’s get on to it you can just wipe it away and its easy to clean (With in reason)

Is it good quality = Yes

Is it easy to fit and take off =Yes

How long does it take to fit = All depends on the person doing it.

Does it all line up well =This being made to be Black and white the cuttings are just shorter then the PS4 so you get a black border round the parts

If you are looking to make you’re PS4 look different or just fed up with the black matte look. You can not go wrong with the Matte Wrap Decal.


(Colour may  look different in person, dude everyone has a different screen.We also got a Red and Orange set what looked just like the photos.)



About the author: Hal


Deal Details

All Deals Are Valid At Time Of Posting & Can Change At Any Time-
Item Type-
Price ( £ )£9.90-£12.90
Link To Deal Apolo Graphics


  1. A. Dana

    Really good accessory for a PS4! Thinking of getting one soon.

    Posted on February 21, 2014
    • Metin Ismail
      Metin Ismail

      What colour do you want Al?

      Posted on February 22, 2014
      • A. Dana

        Carbon Fiber would look really cool.

        Posted on February 27, 2014
        • Metin Ismail
          Metin Ismail

          Ok I’ll order one for you guys.

          Posted on March 3, 2014

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