Pure Pool Review

Pure Pool Review

If I have to be perfectly honest I don’t really care much for the game of Pool! As video games go, Hustle Kings was a great success and a lot of people played it to death.  I have played a bit of Pool here and there but I have never really been a diehard fan. I wasn’t particularly interested in playing a video game version of Pool either. But the photorealistic graphics of VooFoo Studios’ latest game Pure Pool pulled me right in!

First off the bat I have to mention that the graphics are astonishing. Would probably blow a lot of people’s minds away just watching someone play it. From the details of the table to the great atmosphere of people playing Pool and walking around the room. Everything looks just like it would in real life. The sounds is ok. I did like the music… for the first hour. Then it got a bit to repetitive for my liking.

When it comes to modes we have 8 Ball and 9 Ball. In addition to these modes you have Challenge Mode for both 8 and 9 Ball with challenges such as clearing the table under a certain time limit. There isn’t much to say about the modes, as the game of Pool is pretty much the same everywhere. The part of gameplay that needs to be praised is the fact that it’s easy to jump into games against other player from around the world. All you need to do is pop up the menu bar and go to the Players tab and choose from the list of everyone who is online. You also have the choice to play against AI players and “off-line DNA characters”. Which I assume are AI player who play like the person they are built around.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward and easy, so almost anyone can just pick up the controller and start playing. When aiming you get a white line that represents the direction your cue ball will go and a yellow line that represents the direction in which the ball you hit will go. Once you decide on the move you are going to make, all you have to do is pull down on the right analogue stick then push it up to hit the ball. If you really want to get deep you have the option to press X to activate the “Fine Aim” option, which gives you more sensitive aiming. You can also press Circle to give you cue ball some spin. If you feel the need to have a look around the table to see where ball are to plan your next hit all you have to do is hit Square and you can pan around the table. Yes it’s as easy as that.

There isn’t much to say about a pool game other than it works or it doesn’t and Pure Pool works. I never encountered any problems that got in the way of gameplay apart from the odd connection hanging when trying to play against other online players. But I pretty sure that is not the game but the player not responding to the challenge I was sending to him/her.

You get a few customisation options to change the way the table looks cue type. Not much on that side but I didn’t really feel the need to tinker around with them anyway.

Well I have tried my best to tell you about  Pure Pool. Which was surprisingly hard. Maybe its the lack of interest I have for the real thing or that there isn’t much to explain.

If you like Pool or Pool themed video games do not hesitate to pick up Pure Pool. It looks fantastic and plays well. I would have like snooker to have been in it but I’m sure they have their reasons for not adding it. If, on the other hand, you do not like pool you can also give it a try just to see the wonder job the guys at Voofoo Studios did with the visuals. Your mind will be blown.

I give Pure Pool 8/10

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Overall Score - 8

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Pure Pool Review Metin Ismail

If I have to be perfectly honest I don’t really care much for the game of Pool! As video games go, Hustle Kings was a great success and a lot of peopl...

  • DS

    Possibly the most pointless review I’ve ever read:
    “I don’t like pool. This is a pool game with pool game mechanics. I give it 8/10.”

    Perhaps worth thinking about who reviews the game, next time? It might have been nice to know how this stacks up against others in the genre?

    • http://gamerattitude.com/ Metin Ismail

      I hear what you’re saying but as there is only one Pool game for the PS4 I didn’t see the need to do so. I will keep that in mind for future articles. Thanks for the feedback!