Gamer Attitude At Rezzed: 0RBITALIS (With A Zero!) With Alan Zucconi Interview

Gamer Attitude At Rezzed: 0RBITALIS (With A Zero!) With Alan Zucconi Interview

We are here at Rezzed where our first port of call is to meet indie publisher Mastertronic who gave us a tour of their games.

Along with Dream on the Oculus Rift, we have another game here that really thinks outside the box called 0RBITALIS developed by Alan Zucconi.

0RBITALIS is a stellar simulation created at the Ludum Dare 28 gamejam. The game offers a unique experience blending simple but effective visual artistry with physics perfection. The player has to control the trajectory of a satellite in different celestial situations to have it successfully orbit the various objects in the given time limit. There is only one chance to launch the satellite before the satellite is at the mercy of the gravitational pulls from other planets. The objective is to figure out which direction to push the satellite so that it won’t collide into any other objects while staying on screen for seconds.

What makes 0RBITALIS truly stand out is it’s unique controller made specifically for the game. Rather than using a traditional controller, the satellite is controlled using something that looks like a steering wheel, turning the wheel left and right alters the trajectory. Then if you pull the wheel outwards it controls the throttle. Once you are happy with your headings then hit the little button on the wheel and watch the satellite play out the course you just plotted.


It isn’t an easy game but the controller allows a greater degree of control and immersion. I imagine is this is how futuristic spaceships would be controlled.

Like the sound of 0RBITALIS? Hit the following LINK for more information and to purchase the game.

You can watch my interview with Mr Zucconi above and stay tuned to Gamer Attitude for more Rezzed related goodness.